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I previewed your digital TOT Indicators with exceedance monitoring at the HAI Convention in Anaheim in 1994 and was impressed with what I saw as a solution to our premature turbine removal and temperature monitoring on our four McDonnell Douglas 500 helicopters.

After further conversation with your company and Roy Wiley of Civic Helicopters (distributor for the West Coast area), we purchased three indicators. The installation was initially field approved; and was then made available to assist Roy Wiley in the development on the STC.

We installed our first gauge in May 1995, and they have been totally trouble-free. Our previous two-year history was four premature turbine removals for low power that subsequently showed signs of heat distress with an associated cost of approximately $135,000. Since installation of your indicators in three of our aircraft, we have had only one premature turbine removal, which was due to a known operational exceedance.

Flight crews were initially apprehensive about the monitoring built in to the instruments, but soon started to rely on the accuracy and precision with which they can adjust power to meet the job requirement. Engine power checks and monitoring are more precise due to the accuracy of your indicators. The addition of the remote mounted indicator light provides an additional indication that can be monitored during external load operations.

I would highly recommend the replacement TOT Indicators to any operators that want to lower their DOC’s and more accurately monitor their engine performance. We are anticipating the TSO of your digital Torque Gauge replacement, and feel this will complete a highly accurate health monitoring system for our engines.

Gary W. Gels Aircraft Operations Southern California Edison October 23, 2015

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This is to confirm that Diamond J. Inc. of Wichita, Kansas has been a supplier of panel mounted aircraft instruments to Marsh Aviation for over 10 years.

Diamond J. Inc. has furnished all engine instruments for the Marsh Aviation upgrade of the Armada Argentina fleet of S-2E aircraft, which were especially constructed to meet Marsh Aviation requirements for this program.

Diamond J. Inc. is currently furnishing twenty-five ship sets of panel mounted engine instruments for the Marsh Aviation S-2T (S-2E) turbo Tracker forest fire fighting aircraft. These instruments are installed in S-2T (S-2E) aircraft for the State of California, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

We have found Diamond J. Inc. to be a reliable supplier of panel mounted aircraft engine instruments, and always willing to work with us to furnish a solution to an instrumentation problem.

It is my pleasure to recommend Diamond J. Inc. as the best supplier of reliable and cost effective panel mounted aircraft engine instruments.

Floyd D. Stilwell Chief Executive Officer Marsh Aviation October 23, 2015

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I am writing to express extreme satisfaction on behalf of the positive experience Columbia Helicopters, Inc. (CHI) is having with Diamond J., Inc. products. As you know, CHI obtained FAA approval in 1994-1996 to introduce two Diamond J products to CHI’s fleet of Boeing model 107 (HH46) Helicopters. This approval process was complex and would have been impossible without the prompt professional support received from Diamond J engineering. The 61000 series Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT) Indicator and the 641000 series Triple Tachometer Indicator (Triple Tach) are now mature in CHI’s fleet of 15 Boeing 107s. Data reduction, since FAA approval, reveals an astonishing MTBF of 35,000 hours (over 210,000 instrument flight hours) and 25,000 hours (over 125,000 instrument flight hours) for the instruments respectively.

As testimony to CHI confidence in Diamond J. products and is processing FAA approval for these products. Specifically, this confidence now extends to the new 65120 series Dual Torque Indicator and the 64000 series RPM (Ng) Indicator.

CHI operations are primarily heavy lift and the quality Diamond J. instruments optimize this type of mission. Diamond J. standard features such as quick scan, accuracy, and reliability are crucial to both safety and successful completion of our missions.
The aforementioned along with great customer service and support from Diamond J serves to underscore CHI’s satisfaction. Finally, CHI highly recommends Diamond J. products to anyone interested in quality engine-monitoring instruments and extends a warm thank you to all Diamond J., Inc employees.

Bob Lundberg Shop Chief Avionics October 23, 2015

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The Sheriff’s Aviation Unit recently purchased from your company Diamond J TOT Gauges. The units were installed in the 500E Models.

We have found the gauges work as advertised and have saved considerable down time and unnecessary maintenance. The technical support and product services from Civic Helicopters has been excellent. Keep up the good work.

Thomas E. Arnold Sheriff's Sergeant Sheriff's Aviation Unit October 23, 2015

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I would like to convey my appreciation for the cooperation and professional job that Diamond J has done on supplying digital indicators for both the U.S. Army TH-67 and Navy TH-57 fleet. While some of the contracts have been from Bell Helicopter, and others have been from the respective services, we all agree that Diamond J. Inc. has done an excellent job in meeting cost and schedule commitments. The inherent digital design for exceedance monitoring has provided significant savings in aircraft maintenance for the Navy, who has been using this system for over 5 years.

Bob Cook Program Manager Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. October 23, 2015

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I wanted to take a moment to express some thoughts about your product and company.
First I want to commend you on your customer service. Any time a situation arises that requires a response from your customer service department we always receive a timely courteous response with satisfactory resolution.

Secondly your product quality has always been top notch and from a performance standpoint your units always meet or exceed expected standards.

The mission we strive to accomplish on a daily basis is truly deeply imbedded in the very core of every employee here at Air Evac. That mission is to save lives. We cannot provide that service without the support of valued and trusted partners such as Diamond J.

Please remember and take to heart that as we fly and make an impact on nearly a 100 patients on daily basis that without your product and support it would not be possible. You are helping not only to affect the life of the individual patients we fly, but on their entire families lives as well. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, etc. often get to come home to their families due to the mission we all perform.

Keep up the good work!

Shane Patterson Supplier Relationship Manager Air Evac Lifeteam October 23, 2015

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