Scientists told about the effect of poor sleep on sex

Poor sleep can lead to erection problems in men and problems in intimate life in women, scientists believe.

About four thousand people joined the study. Many of them are aged, as well as patients suffering from apnea and other diseases that affect sleep, the journal writes.

Scientists have found that lack of sleep affects testosterone, low levels of which lead to erectile dysfunction in men. At the moment erectile dysfunction is successfully treated with the help of Cialis, which is available for sale online on our website. If women have problems with rest, in the end they also negatively affect their intimate life.

In this regard, the researchers gave tips that will help to make sleep quality. To do this, you need to go to bed and wake up every day at the same time, weekends are no exception. In addition, it is worth giving up drinking before going to bed. And it is even better to exclude drinks containing caffeine, they are not recommended to use after 15.00. Interfering with sleep and nicotine.

It is necessary to sleep for seven to nine hours a day, the doctors reminded.

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