Client Testimonial

October 23, 2015

I am writing to express extreme satisfaction on behalf of the positive experience Columbia Helicopters, Inc. (CHI) is having with Diamond J., Inc. products. As you know, CHI obtained FAA approval in 1994-1996 to introduce two Diamond J products to CHI’s fleet of Boeing model 107 (HH46) Helicopters. This approval process was complex and would have been impossible without the prompt professional support received from Diamond J engineering. The 61000 series Turbine Inlet Temperature (TIT) Indicator and the 641000 series Triple Tachometer Indicator (Triple Tach) are now mature in CHI’s fleet of 15 Boeing 107s. Data reduction, since FAA approval, reveals an astonishing MTBF of 35,000 hours (over 210,000 instrument flight hours) and 25,000 hours (over 125,000 instrument flight hours) for the instruments respectively.

As testimony to CHI confidence in Diamond J. products and is processing FAA approval for these products. Specifically, this confidence now extends to the new 65120 series Dual Torque Indicator and the 64000 series RPM (Ng) Indicator.

CHI operations are primarily heavy lift and the quality Diamond J. instruments optimize this type of mission. Diamond J. standard features such as quick scan, accuracy, and reliability are crucial to both safety and successful completion of our missions.
The aforementioned along with great customer service and support from Diamond J serves to underscore CHI’s satisfaction. Finally, CHI highly recommends Diamond J. products to anyone interested in quality engine-monitoring instruments and extends a warm thank you to all Diamond J., Inc employees.

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